RL-RP Staff-Team

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RL-RP Staff-Team

Post  M on Tue Dec 20, 2011 9:33 am

Administrator Team:

--Lead Administrators
M - Isaac Lee
Owner of RL-RP, Webmaster, Head of Staff Team, Lost Stuff Handler, Head of Admin Complaints.

--Senior Administrators

--Level 3 General Administrators
The Jew - Jack Bone
--Level 2 General Administrators

--Level 1 Moderators


Helper Team:
--Lead of the Helper Team / Recruitment to Helper Team.
M - Isaac Lee

--Moderator of Helpers In-game & Helper Applications.
M - Isaac Lee

Helpers In-Game

Registration Team:
Head of Registration Team
The Jew - Jack Bone

Registrators In-Game
Lead Admin
Lead Admin

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