In-Game Registration

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In-Game Registration

Post  M on Mon Jan 09, 2012 6:29 am

How to register yourself in-game?
You write /register when you come in-game and then you post a reply here what age e.t.c you want - and you will be given that in-game after being approved by our admins. - also- you must answer a few questions in the format.


<Out of Character Stuff>

Age (In Real-Life Age):
Origin (What country you're from):
GMT (Example: GMT +1):
What is DM?:
What is MG?:
What is PG?:
What is RK?:

<In-Game Stuff>

Age (10-90 years):
Sex (Male/Female):
Skin ID (1-300):
Origin (Where you are from):

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